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$25.00 USD

At Blue, we want the electric, the bold, and every single risk taker.

Include a cover letter, detailing your artistic vision and goals, the backstory of what your book means to you personally, previous publications if any, and a brief, third person author bio with your social media handles. Please include your FINAL PROOF in both a pdf form and word doc via attachments. 

We charge a small $25 reading fee because we respect both your time and ours. Said fee will revert back to the author if their manuscript is accepted for publication. 

We encourage creative freedom, so there is no maximum length for manuscript submissions. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, but please withdraw your work if it is accepted elsewhere. 

As an author, you are considered a collaborator not only regarding royalties, but also in relation to artistic liberty. If accepted, our team will edit, guide, and format your manuscript while respectfully considering your vision. Because our team values your partnership, we share 50% of all manuscript profits with our creators. Blue is composed of poets, writers, and artists with strong social media presence and dedicated readers/viewers. If accepted, said team will foster and promote your work via social media, help generate engagement, and potentially arrange for public readings. Blue remains a small, independent publisher, so we are able to give personalized attention to all of our authors, while guiding them through the literary world. By women, for women (and nonbinary individuals). Thank you.

Homophobia, racism, sexism, ableism, xenophobia, slut shaming, fat shaming, romanticism of mental illness, etc. is NEVER tolerated and will automatically earn you an indefinite block via Blue. This includes anything posted on your social media accounts or shown in other aspects of your life, because Blue does not believe in the separation of art and its creators. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.